Carrowbreck Meadow

About our Houses

Carrowbreck Meadow is a development with a difference

It is about the location, the excitement of finding your perfect home, the feeling you get every time you look at the brochure, and the place where you and your family are going to live.

The amazing views will make you smile; the open fields, the surrounding woodland, and the comfort in knowing you are making a difference and living better. By choosing Passivhaus, you are choosing to be more efficient, to live better, to live smarter, to be different.

This is a development with a conscience, understanding the importance of protecting the environment, social inclusion and taking care of its residents.

Passivhaus is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction

The Passivhaus Standard is exactly that, a standard that has to be achieved. It stands for quality and intelligent design, to deliver homes that require very little energy to achieve thermal comfort all year round, using the latest technology to get the best from the environment around it. From the orientation of your home to its super-efficient triple glazing a Passivhaus is designed to outperform and be more efficient than any other new build home.

Every element used in the construction of your Passivhaus is designed to make a real difference to your quality of living.

Carrowbreck Meadow has provided:

  • a total return to the public purse of £1.28 million
  • the opportunity for five households to move into home ownership, including one family from rented housing association accommodation
  • all residents have benefitted from reduced energy bills thanks to all the homes’ Passivhaus status
  • employment of 11 local apprentices on site by the contractor
  • enhanced and improved woodland area around the site
  • an opportunity for other developers, businesses and residents to learn about Passivhaus developments.


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