Rosebery Road, Great Plumstead

About our Houses

Our development on Rosebery Road, Great Plumstead has now been completed and all 22 homes have been sold.

This development was designed for families of all sizes and consisted of a range of house types, from one bedroom flats to four bedroom houses. The development also included eight affordable homes, which at 36% of the total number, is above that required by planning policy.

The affordable housing included a number of bungalows, one built to wheelchair accessible standards, and a mix of affordable home ownership options.

The success of our Rosebery Road development has generated a return to the local taxpayer of £1.4 million and an additional contribution of £20,000 to the Parish Council, for off site highways works.

Our success has also helped to support the local economy and protect local jobs. The contractor for the development was Cocksedge Building Contractors who are based in East Anglia and have an office on Broadland Business Park. Eleven of the suppliers of materials for the development were also based in East Anglia, as were all of the 11 sub-contractors.

All workers on the development were paid at least the minimum living wage and two apprentices were employed.

In addition, we worked with Cocksedge to organise a hands on, immersive workshop with students at the University Technical College, Norfolk. We also delivered a workshop with our show home’s interior designers for students at Thorpe St Andrews high school.